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April 26th. Disinfectant.

What is wrong with Disinfectant as a Cure for Covid? I ask. Everything, says the Owner. It is Ridiculous, says the Owner. You have to be more Specific, I say. If you laugh at Donald Trump you merely convince those who Trust him that the problem is not His Ridiculousness […]

April 19th. Saying goodbye.

The Owner has cried so much into her computer than the space key hasstoppedworking. WhatistheMatter?Iask. TheOwnerdriesher keyboard. I have been reading about People, she says, who have not had chance to say Goodbye. We have to Change This. This Cannot Happen. Some things have to be a Priority. I look […]

April 15th. Shafts of Sunlight.

Would you like a Bedtime Biscuit? Asks the Owner. No thank you, I whisper. But you always have a bedtime Biscuit, says the Owner. The recipe was created by the late, great Michel Roux. Are you Skulking? I am not Skulking, I say Extremely Quietly, and my Appreciation of Monsieur […]

April 12th. The rubbish collectors.

The Owner has developed an Extremely Peculiar Habit. Her obsession with Collecting the Rear End Offerings of the Moral Dog seem to have extended into Collecting Similar Offerings from Other Dogs. Moreover, she is doing it wearing Blue Plastic Gloves and Strange Round Sunglasses, and carrying a Huge Orange Bag. […]

April 4th. The panic.

I have heard a Terrible Rumour, I say, that people in India are abandoning their Dogs. I am afraid it is true, says the Owner. The fear of Covid is leading people to do these things. But I thought you said that Dogs did not get the Covid? I say. […]

April 3rd. The Brotherhood.

Hergest, says the Owner, stop Howling. It is traditional, I say. I need to communicate with the Brotherhood of Dogs, I say. I Howl again. Can you not just speak to them in the Park? Asks the Owner. You may be attracting Hyaenas. No, I say, because our limited exercise […]

April 2nd. Experts.

The Owner is getting cross. There are so many people making claims about Covid, she says. False Information is Everywhere. People are passing it around like Valuable Currency. Why are People believing it if it is Not True? I ask. Because the People making the claims are Apparent Experts, says […]

March 31st. The covid test.

The Owner says the Prime Minister and all his Men have Covid. It is quite a coincidence that they all caught it at the same time, I say. How very unlucky that is, I say. Yes, says the Owner. Were they not practising Social Distancing? I ask. It seems not, […]

March 30th. Social Rules.

The Owner and the Man and I go for our Daily Walk on the Heath. There are a few Humans about but they Avoid us by stepping off the path in wide circles. Is it very hard, I ask the Owner, for Humans to avoid Close Contact with Others? Sometimes, […]