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March 31st. The covid test.

The Owner says the Prime Minister and all his Men have Covid. It is quite a coincidence that they all caught it at the same time, I say. How very unlucky that is, I say. Yes, says the Owner. Were they not practising Social Distancing? I ask. It seems not, […]

March 30th. Social Rules.

The Owner and the Man and I go for our Daily Walk on the Heath. There are a few Humans about but they Avoid us by stepping off the path in wide circles. Is it very hard, I ask the Owner, for Humans to avoid Close Contact with Others? Sometimes, […]

March 28th. Most People.

The Owner is well. It is Day 15 since her Covid began. Now we can go for a Walk. I have been taken for walks by Others but it is not quite the same. There is something about the quality of the Throwing. A Moral Dog walking with a Substitute […]

March 26th. Conclusions.

The Owner says I can go for a Walk with the Man if we Keep our Distance from Other People. She says she has to stay at home for two more days. That will make Fourteen. You will have to lift me into the Car, I say. Unaccountably, the Owner […]

March 25th. Relatively Better.

The Owner is looking Surprisingly Bouncy. Are you Feeling Better? I ask. Much, says the Owner, thank you for asking. Not at all, I say. I am delighted for you. Squeaky Cat makes a Small Sound of Affirmation, Indicating that he is also Thrilled. Silence falls. Are you not going […]