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November 6th. Downward dog.

The Owner and I are improving ourselves through yoga. (She suggested she could improve herself through yoga all by herself but I can work the doorknob now.) She turns on the TV lady and the class begins. The TV lady says first we are going to do Downward Dog. Excellent, […]

Nov 4th. Goalposts.

The Owner has a terrible habit of pulling backwards as we walk along. I have been trying to correct her, straining to help her along as she leans back and endlessly complains at her inability to keep up. This morning she says that if I don’t stop pulling her cheese […]

November 3rd. The Butterfly.

The Owner says I shouldn’t have eaten it. I’m inclined to agree. It didn’t taste of much and, to make it worse, she says I may have caused a typhoon in Texas. I am familiar with chaos theory, the idea that extremely small changes in nonlinear systems can produce enormous […]

November 2nd. The big half.

The Owner and I are on the bed. She is watching a film about Hannibal, who took a bunch of elephants across the Alps in the Second Punic War in order to invade the Roman Republic. I am simply inhabiting that small part of her living space that is allotted […]

Nov 1st. Day care.

Today the Owner takes me to Dog Day Care again. She says she has to go out to lunch and I am not allowed there. She says she will pick me up at tea time. I express my concern by sitting on the floor when she attempts to lead me […]

Oct 31st. Halloween.

As we walk past the cemetery I hear the boys behind us talking. One of the boys says that a ghostly man in a cloak walks these pavements at night, carrying his head under his arm. He says he knows someone who has seen this. I think this sounds most […]