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November 13th. Camus.

I can tell that the Owner has been reading Sartre. She is looking rather gloomy, in a deeply philosophical manner, and she says life is inherently absurd. Then she squeaks Squeaky Cat rather despondently and asks me what I think. I say Squeaky Cat is absolute proof of the existence […]

November 12th. Rhinoceros.

This morning the Owner does not purchase a cheese scone from the cafe. Instead, bizarrely, she appears to be eating mango from a pot. There seems to be a scone-shaped hole in this cafe where the scone ought to be. It is gnawing at me. The Owner says she fancied […]

Nov 10th. The Gordian Knot.

The Owner goes into the bakery and she ties me to a Dog Device on the wall outside. Shackles me. Like a common criminal. She used to carry me in there. Long ago, when dignity still mattered. I cannot believe it. Is that any way to treat the Moral Dog? […]

November 8th. The Pet.

The Owner is doing an Online Survey for people with pets. The Owner has a pet, apparently. One she is very fond of. I have looked everywhere for it. It’s nowhere to be seen. She never told me she had a pet. I am not even sure I would have […]

November 7th. The hurricane.

I am really worried about Squeaky Cat, I tell Caspar. The Owner left him out in a Hurricane and now he looks all despondent. Caspar says what do you mean, despondent? I say well, he’s gone a funny colour and he smells funny. Caspar asks what kind of funny colour. […]