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Hergest the Hound

I am a dog of many thoughts.

Oct 30th. Parliament Hill.

Perhaps I should become a Spy. Today the Owner takes me up Parliament Hill and we watch people sitting on benches, eating cheese sandwiches and reading newspapers. She says most of them are likely to be Spies because this is where Spies come to have their lunch whilst they do […]

Oct 28th. The Amoral Tomato.

Caspar and I have been practising our eye rolling. You never know when Superdog and his trusty sidekick Fluffy will need to resort to such measures. Lucifer with the nose cage says that when he rolls his eyes at humans they always stop arguing and often also back away, particularly […]

Oct 27th. The new collar.

Today, as we head into the park in darkness the Owner slips a new collar round my neck and flicks a switch. I have been turned into an illumination. An orange illumination. The Owner says it’s good to know she will not lose me in the darkness but, frankly, she […]

Oct 25th. The very long stick.

It seems that, like the Moral Dog, the Owner has primeval instincts. When Primeval Man walked the frozen wastes with the Ancestral Dog she had more to face than the Sabre Toothed Cat and the Evil Velociraptor. She also faced the Ancestral Viper. This explains why the Owner is seized […]

Oct 24th. Fluorescence.

The Owner, obliviously munching on her half of the cheese scone was muttering about the Prime Minister and I was stalking. The squirrel was being extremely provocative. For a start it was on the ground, foraging for nuts. Secondly its tail was twitching. And thirdly it was flaunting its fluff […]